Plastic Surgery


The operation to correct ageing of the eyelids is known as blepharoplasty. Our eyes are the most important feature on our face and their beauty can be greatly reduced by excess skin creases and eye bags.
Drooping eyelids do not only block your view but also make you look older and more tired. Eye bags of the lower eyelid only enhance this view.

Sutures will be removed at the surgeon’s discretion three to seven days post operatively. It is important not to stoop or carry out vigorous activities for two or three days, otherwise postoperative bleeding could result.
With a fine scalpel, the surgeon removes the extra skin above each eye in the shape of a half moon. For the bottom eyelid, the incision is made right under the bottom eyelashes.

As the face ages, one of the sometimes noticeable problems is drooping of the eyebrows.
Some people often look tired or angry, while they actually feel fine. This is often because of sagging eyebrows which seem to press on the upper eye lid.
An eyebrow lift not only corrects sagging in the eyebrows but also the forehead, and upper eyelids. The idea is to perform the surgery in the hairline on the forehead so there will be no scaring. The surgery lifts the forehead area up so that the eyebrows can be better positioned.
The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and any pain or discomfort you experience can usually be controlled with mild medication. The sutures come out within a week and the swelling and bruising usually subsides within 5-10 days. Your result should last five to ten years and the procedure can be repeated as needed.


  • Before and after collagen surgery
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