Before and after collagen surgery

The patient and the physician should observe the itching and redness. The patient should tell the doctor about any of these symptoms during the 4 weeks.
Side-effects of therapy can be seen after a few days. Up to 6 days after the procedure may not use sauna, solarium, gym, take a hot bath, or drink alcohol, avoid sunlight and high physical effort. After surgery features soften, the face becomes every day more and younger, more cheerful. The skin is moistened, soft, looks healthy, velvet and shiny. Collagen treatment can be discontinued at any time, because the treatment did not originate any side effects, on the contrary, the human body under the influence of medicine recover its capacity to produce collagen, thanks that wrinkles for a long time will not be so large and deep as before the treatment.

Unfortunately, to maintain the gained effect the adjustments are necessary. Collagen implant will be damaged as a result of mechanical operations, such as smiles and other muscular movements, and biochemical processes such as aging, as well as the patient's collagen. At the site of implantation of collagen body postpones its own collagen. Improving appearance is maintained in part or in full for 2 years or even longer. Most of the patients who decide to adjustment, take them after 2-3 months after the first series of treatments. For scars and other hollows treated with a collagen implant interval adjustments may be longer. Adjustments need to carry much less collagen than the first part of a series of treatments. Please note that you can not go overdose during therapy - is established safe dose application of collagen a year. The skin returns slowly after therapy to the appearance before the treatment. With the corrections we obtain improve of the appearance, continuing over a long period of time.